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I am a hard-working mother of 2 wonderful boys in need of some help. A few months ago I finally found the courage to leave their father after 10 years of abuse and things are proving to be more difficult financially than I expected. Even though I’m a single mom with an entry level job I make about $800 too much annually to qualify for assistance of any kind so I was already falling behind when Hurricane Irma came barrelling through. We were without power for 6 days and my youngest son has Bronchomalacia so I had to use rent and bill money to pay for a cheap motel to keep him in the air conditioning so he could breathe. We also lost all of our food as I had no where else to store it. I’ve applied for FEMA and so far nothing and 211 had no resources that had resources. The money we are in need of is to pay for October rent ($1000) as well as catch up on utility bills, child care expenses and much needed car repairs. I would also use money to replenish the food that we lost while the power was out. As I mentioned I work very hard to support my kids but the bills pile up and I’ve no one to lean on for any type of support. My sons and I are active in church and our community and any generosity would be paid forward double as we are able. Thank you for taking the time to read this. ┬áKathleen

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