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Life stopped for Charles when his mother was killed in a bus accident in 2012. He had just received his Masters Degree in Education and Community Counseling with a vision of opening a Life Skills Center to help others. He fell into a pit of depression, abusing drugs and alcohol, drowning in grief and loss. Unfortunately, this abuse led to hospitalization for heart failure. He lost his teeth from dental disease. He struggled with mental health issues and became homeless after a painful divorce and loss of custody of his three children.

In the past year, Charles has embraced recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. He is currently living in a Recovery Community and working in a program to stay sober and reclaim his life. He has gotten regular health care including having his eyeglasses replaced after 5 years. However, his health insurance will not cover the cost of dental care and he suffers from excruciating pain from gum disease. He has found a grant to assist with the costs to replace his teeth but is still $3000 short of the dental work to be completed.

As it is important that his mental health and sobriety remain his primary focus; Charles is only able to work limited hours at jobs that he picks up from friends for painting, yard work, etc. So earning funds to cover these costs has been impossible. Thus he is reaching out to benefactors such as yourself, to help him regain his teeth and smile in order to move forward. He is moving toward achieving his dream to set up a center to teach life skills and provide counseling and assistance in navigating life’s hurdles as he has. Any additional funds raised will be used to support this effort.

“ I am surrounded by good people in the recovery community who not only keep me focused but believe in me as well. I ask you to believe in second chances and help me in this small way to reclaim my life and dignity.”  Charles Davis


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