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My mother has struggled with hip dysplasia since birth. It has debilitated her to the point of not being able to do what she is truly passionate about which is working with children who have special needs. In August of this year she took the plunge and had a total hip replacement surgery on her left hip. The doctors, nurses, and physical therapists could not believe how quickly she recovered. After just 10 weeks she went back and had the same procedure done to her right hip. Every day she grows a little stronger and more confident that she will soon be able to get back to a career teaching children with special needs. She is ecstatic about her new beginning, but also feels an extreme amount of stress because she has accumulated many bills in the process of being away from work. I have helped my mother as much as possible, but there are essentials that I cannot afford to cover for her. This experience has shown me how easily we take simple things for granted like not being able to get a haircut, buy clothes for a job interview, put gas in the car, pay medical bills, or worry about a car that could break down at any moment. I am hoping to raise enough money to help my mom start her new beginning. All donations will go towards expenses (car insurance, gas, medical bills, getting her car fixed).

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