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Bradie Ramella was out for a motorcycle ride on Saturday, September 10, when he was struck by a pickup truck that had crossed left of center and hit Bradie head-on. Bradie was taken to a local hospital where he was unresponsive and diagnosed with severe damage to his left knee and lack of blood flow to his lower left leg, numerous broken and dislocated bones throughout his body, small bleed in his brain, and open wounds and abrasions on his body. He was life-flighted to a trauma center to undergo a procedure to surgically graft a blood vessel to restore blood flow to his left leg. Due to the accident, Bradie was in a non-medically induced coma for a number of days, required a ventilator to assist his breathing, and ultimately lost his lower left leg due to the irreparable damage that was suffered. His right arm also required surgery and plates to repair those broken bones. God has spared Bradie’s life and is demonstrating His healing power at work within him. Bradie continues to regain consciousness as his brain heals from the contusions he suffered from the accident. While the long-term extent of his injuries is not yet fully known, it is certain the road in front of him will be extensive and costly. Many people have asked how they can financially contribute to help with his expenses and so this account is being set up as a way to allow that to happen. Thank you for rallying around Bradie and his family at this time of need! Please continue to pray for healing and for Bradie’s life to be a blessing to those around him! For an up-to-date account of his journey, go to https://www.caringbridge.org/search?q=bradie+ramella.


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