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This is my daughter Shannon and her family who are in need of assistance after Shannon was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer. Shannon recently went to the emergency room, suffering pelvic discomfort and swelling in her legs. She was diagnosed with kidney failure and rushed to Harris Methodist Fort Worth, where she underwent two emergency surgeries to put stents in her kidneys, and a biopsy was done, revealing cervical cancer that had spread to her bladder and kidneys. After 7 days in the hospital, she was released to go home and referred to an oncologist in Ft Worth. After getting home, she was informed she had lost her job due to missing too many consecutive days. Since her cancer is at stage 4, surgery is no longer an option, and the kidney stents can not be removed unless the cancer tumors are shrunk enough to unblock the kidneys so the only option is chemo and possibly radiation treatment. She is going to be going through 12 weeks of very aggressive chemo and or radiation treatments. Since she has lost her job, the only income is her husband who is having to miss work to help her get to her dr appointments and medical bills are adding up quickly. The out-of-pocket, co-pay, and other related expenses not covered by insurance have devastated them financially in these already economically challenging times, so any assistance would be truly appreciated. Whether you can help big, small, or not at all, I might ask that you keep her and her family in your prayers, as I  will pray that by your generosity and self-sacrifice in helping others, our Heavenly Father will increase your blessings. Thank you


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