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I am Joseph Cook, a 67 y/o retired professional pharmacist with a 45 year career. I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) & NON-HODGKINS LYMPHOMA Spring 2019.  I retired June 2019 and lost my home and a new automobile May 2020 in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. August 2020 ,  my pancreas was atrophied by one-half by the leukemia as seen on an abdominal ultrasound.  The loss of  pancreatic function caused my type II diabetes to become difficult to manage and was placed on 3 oral anti-diabetic drugs. I then suffered a heart attack with a weakened heart muscle.  The combination of the weakened  heart and worsened diabetes caused my kidneys to go into Stage IIIB chronic renal failure.  Recently diagnosed with early liver failure.   I also developed  diabetic neuropathy in my lower extremities.  I am currently having decreasing memory scores   I am in need of  financial help with my bills, a place to live, and someday a caregiver will be required.  If possible, could some Good Samaritans be of assistance for my stressful  situation and hopefully get me on the road to recovery. Thank You and May GOD Bless !      Joseph Cook, RPh.             NOV. 27th, 2021 



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