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Evan Jones is 29 year old father of 3 beautiful children and 2 furbabies! Evan is my boyfriend, best friend and my world! He is loved by so many, he’s never met a stranger!

On March 13, 2023 our world was devastated by an ER doctor at Memorial Hospital, In Gulfport, Mississippi. It took him 13 minutes after the MRI to tell us Evan had a “very large mass” covering both sides of his brain, he would have to have surgery immediately, they would get him stable and arrange transport by AMR to Jackson.

March 29, 2023 Dr. Luzardo, did brain surgery, he only took out what he could see with the naked eye to avoid affecting his motor skills. It is still a very big tumor and it’s angry. The pressure was cracking Evan’s skull and damaged his optic nerves, he’s lost some of his vision.
Stage 4 Astrocytoma Wild Glioblastoma Malforma.

He was given 4-5 weeks to live without an extreme, aggressive treatment and fast.

We started Dapsone and Temador (Chemo) 7 days a week and Radiation 5 days a week on April 9, 2023. Then a Bipolar medication daily.

When we were released from the hospital we had nothing, nowhere to go, no clothes, no phone, no car, and no insurance for the handful of prescriptions I had to fill for him.

After sitting in front of UMMC in Jackson with Evan in no shape, I borrowed a security guard’s phone, I pulled myself together, swallowed my shame, and called his dad and asked for a hotel and an Uber. My truck was left at the hospital in Gulfport, vandalized and broken into before I could get it towed, our dogs were let loose and needed us and 4 weeks into this we had literally lost everything, and the fight hadn’t even started. I couldn’t leave his side and haven’t. We were bouncing from hotel to hotel, no money, no food and Evan became severely depressed and suicidal and was losing hope because he couldn’t be on the street and handle the treatments he was enduring, he couldn’t even walk to the bathroom without running into a wall. We were 2 weeks into the hotel, moving daily, appointments, worry but scared more than anything. He told Dr. Anderson he couldn’t do it, we had to go home he had made peace and I left the room and bumped into a social worker, who turned everything around for us, she saved us. We left that building with food, water, toiletries, she got me in front of a computer and food stamps, SSI, SSDI, medicaid and a phone applied for and a meeting with Sydney, the Manager at ACS Hope Lodge in Jackson. She picked us up the next morning and gave us a safe place to successfully do treatment.

Evan is doing amazing, he gets a 4-week break for 2 sessions of MRI and has to be fitted for an Optune device. We are extended through the end of the month for his MRI’s but he goes to a higher dosage of Chemo and Dapsone only it’s 5 days a week, he wears the Optune device for 18 hours every day and radiation only once a week and labs in between for our 6 months, then we go to Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tn to do Trials for a year. Evans is looking forward to kayaking the Crazy Horse on the Buffalo River and the Crystal Caverns this summer!!

We are in need of financial help to fix our Acadia and to get an RV or camper so we have a home and a safe place for him to continue his fight. the window was busted, tires cut and the battery was stolen the tow guy told me it was bad when he picked it up from the hospital, or find a used car here. We want a camper, at this point we are homeless, we have our furbabies, we have to be here in Jackson until he’s done with the basic treatment plan and his scans look good enough he can transfer to trials. My family is also in Tn, my kids, mom, and sister so we won’t be alone and I will have help and support so I can work and he has re-enrolled in school online so he can catch up to where he was when this started.

We are so blessed to have the chance to ask for help!!💞

Thank you so much!!


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