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Wanda and Zane Steele   I am their Aunt my name is Tosha (McHatton) Davis. My husband Matthew and I will be taking over the care of Wanda and Zane. We lost a wonderful MOM/Nanny (Grandma) Kathy Cook, Wednesday Night Dec 29th.  She got Covid even after her vaccines. The Covid attacked her blood platelets, they got so low she had a stroke with bleeding on the brain. If you feel led to help me support them. I will be forever grateful! I have had some family reach out to me and ask me to set this account up because they and others want to give it thru me not the funeral home.   Kathy Cook (Nanny) adopted her grandchildren Wanda and Zane Steele years ago. The adoption will come to me now and I will be taking over the care for them.  I know + +years ago, they need so many things but most of all love, comfort, and support through this extremely tough time. They lost their father almost 6 months ago, and now the actual caregiver of them. The fear and pain they are feeling I know are indescribable.  Trisha Vonburg- their biological mother is with them right now, helping me so much. She is staying with them at Moms so they can grieve and be in their own element thru this extremely difficult time.  My husband and I appreciate anything you would like to give, prayers, monetary gifts, and love thru this tough time.


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