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I don’t know where to begin and I’m a little embarrassed.  So I am just going to lay it out the best I can, so here it goes. I am not educated and I have worked at the local bowling alley for almost 20 years. March 15, 2020, I was laid off it was supposed to be temporary. and in May 2019 I was diagnosed with a hole in the upper part of my heart and high blood pressure, which leaves me very tired and the fact that I am 57 this coming May. My problem is my daughter and I live in a tiny room in my friend’s house with a lot of other people. Long story short my friend has been diagnosed with Brain cancer and I have to find a place to live. We are alone and we have no family that we can turn to and we also have a disabled dog that can’t walk. I have never made enough money to live on my own and now I’m not working and I don’t know what we are going to do. All I’ve ever wanted was a home that no one could take from us, a trailer, a tiny house a one-bedroom even a studio ( in a decent neighborhood) where were not scared being us two girls and Sir Flops a lot{our Dog} I really don’t know what price I can put on this and I need nothing short of a miracle. I have no savings and unemployment will most likely end. We are in a Hotel right now and I’m running out of money and I don’t want to end up in a tent under a bridge. I’m so scared so I swallowed my pride and I\’m praying for a miracle or two because circumstances have left me unsure of everything. So Thank you for listening and possibly an opportunity for some kind of hope.  Sincerely, Laurie Spitsberg


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