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Hello, My name is Ashley.  I’m a single mother of three beautiful teenagers.  We are the verge of being evicted from our home our electric and other utilities are about to be disconnected any time.  I am a recovering addict been clean and on the right path since July 22, 2017, After getting out of jail and going through a halfway house program.  I was able to get and keep a job over 2 years i got a place of my own and was maintaining everything on my own until i was let go by my main full time job while i still had 2 other jobs and i ended up losing both of them as well one was due to them refusing to pay me my commission and my seasonal job was due to my boss passing aways due to covid this past March,  I’ve been applying for jobs and hopefully i may have found one but 2 months ago i woke up to my car being stolen and i have to have a car to be able to get and keep the job i interviewed on today fingers crossed.  I hate even asking for help from anyone but i have no one and i don’t want to lose my kids again they are my saving grace and i’d be so lost with out them in my life.  We greatly appreciate all that you can do thank you


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