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Our beloved Marc Golston recently passed on 12/7/21]. Marc was a wonderful brother, father, uncle, grandfather, friend, etc. who touched the lives of those around him. He leaves behind his Only Child India Bullock Keppel, 5 grandchildren 5 siblings and a host of nieces and nephews.

Marc dedicated his life to his family. Marc in his final days made tremendous efforts to remain off controlled substances and rebuild his relationship with his child and grandchildren. Marc yearned to have one more reunion with his siblings. Unfortunately, this was a task that never came to fruition as we are all in different states hundreds and thousands of miles away.

We are all devastated by Marc’s loss and were not prepared for the high cost of a funeral service. We want to give Marc the memorial he deserves, to honor his memory and say our last goodbyes.

I am currently asking for donations to help cover the cost of Marc’s funeral. We need to raise $1750 by ASAP to be able to afford the cremation and funeral service. unfortunately, my friends this is an urgent matter. My brother was found by the police on December 7th, and our family did not find out until January 10th. Washington DC coroner’s office informed us of the policy to hold the body for 30 days. If we do not make his final arrangements immediately, my brother’s body will be cremated and placed in an unmarked grave in Alexandria VA.  Our plea is so urgent.  We must come up with the cost of cremation, removal of the body, Securing the death certificate and returning my brother’s remains to the family. We are currently on borrowed time. Please help us bring my brother home.


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