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I had a bone spur plus a frozen shoulder which became a small rotator cuff tear in my dominant arm.  Surgery was supposed to repair all 3.  Surgeon discovered a very large rotator cuff tear.  He has lied and stated he repaired all three problems but he did not.  Surgery created a nerve problem in my hand.  I have carpal tunnel, a twisted index finger, numbness, and extreme nerve pain now in same side hand.  Surgeon said he corrected the frozen shoulder but I still have it and need to go back to having cortisone shorts so I can regain movement in shoulder.  I need physical therapy 2x weekly for shoulder and now I need occupational therapy for hand 2x weekly.  For at least 2-4 months.  Frozen shoulder may not resolve for 1-3 years.  My co-pay is $60 per physical therapy (x4 = $240/week).  I cannot drive myself as it’s my dominant hand.  Uber is $80.00 each way.  I get rides from friends when I can.  I don’t know how else to pay for this!  I have a small nest egg but I need help!  I am embarrassed and ashamed to be asking for myself.  So many others need so much more.  I’m working at home but in a limited capacity because my typing is slow with non-dominant hand.  Please help me if you possibly can!  Grateful for any and all donations!!


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