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Hello, I guess this is where I tell ya’ll how we winded up here. First, a little about me. I grew up in Oklahoma, around the Chickasaw park area. Typical small town raising, left Oklahoma one month after graduation for the US Army. Got to travel and see the world. Came home settled down and lived a life. I will flash forward a lot of years(don’t need to bore everyone). Woke up one day early in January this year with a swollen throat. No big deal after all it was winter. Let it go and kept working till around February when I had to have emergency surgery for a hydrocele(not pleasant). The doctor said I should get it looked at so off to Tinker AFB I went. Long story short Was diagnosed with Head&Neck Cancer, with the location being in my tonsils. At the same time that the diagnoses came, I had accepted a job in Madill, OK so we had packed up and moved three hours from the VA center. Now it’s two trips a week from Madill to OKC job had to remove me from management until things changed. Along comes the end of August tie for surgery and all that went with it. Luckily Got good margins and can avoid Chemo just 7 weeks of radiation. This involves treatments five days a week. Job says they can not accommodate me having to leave every day to come back when I am better. Now I find myself getting closer to the end but can no longer afford my car payment. If you look on the map, Madill is a speck and it’s 25 miles to civilization. All I need is some help with a car payment or 2 until I can finish my radiation. I do not post this easily but My friends and family have already put so much out. Options att this point are none but surrender the car or ask for help. Bless everyone that reads this


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