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My name is Anthony…..I am retired and a vietnam Era vet. I spent 30 years as a psychotherapist treating court mandated offenders. I also worked as a paramedic for the Chicago  Fire Department. presently  I am suffering with 4 different conditions. first I have COPD. second I suffer from PTSD. third I have a condition known as dermatographism which leaves welts all over my body and I itch 24/7 with no relief. the doctor has tried a variety of pills and nothing works. the next phase would be injections that would cost 350.00 because the only insurance I can afford comes from Medicare and my out of pocket expense is approximately 2,000.00. my 4th issue is I suffer from hiatal hernia. I can only eat a few bites and I feel full. I have to drink water very slowly Orr else I feel like im drowning. I have been told I need surgery and my portion after Medicare is over 4,000.00. I have been suffering for years because I cant afford the 20% portion I would be required to pay after Medicare I RECEIVE 1,350 PER MONTH. I have to look for a cheaper place to live because my rent is 885.00 my utilities are 100.00 per month and cable and phone is approximately100.00 per month. this leaves me little for food and other expenses. although I am permanently disabled I still have to pay my student loans and the department of the treasury takes 200.00 per month to repay over 65,000. at this time I am so desperate that I have suicidal ideations and fear I will be homeless before the year is over. I also take medicine for depression and anxiety. as you can see im a hopeless person and constantly struggle with feeling like a loser. I pray there is someone willing to help me.


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