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Hi my name is Jamie I’m 41 half a 22 daughter  twin daughters 13 and a 4 year old grandson ….I have stage 4 cancer was 4 when found took 6 moths to find no help to me having a psoriasis arthritis for 18 years my iron won’t go higher then 6 should be double that .my daughters and I are homeless witch was do to poor electric issues no car half of the clothing I have slowly replaced for them it’s hard I’m losing my mind depressed I lost my mom grandmother and my grandfather all in the last 2 years and I’m the oldest I planned and took care of all my and 4 years early every one always says your so strong but really inside I’m lost not sure how to cope feel bad for my girls and grandson. My oldest daughter claimed my girls on her taxes without me knowing  called irs they told me it was civil not fraud  and I receive ssd checks for then from mine and have proof on address for them she lives in another county for about 7 months we have been homeless because of covid sense July 17 nothing for rent so I give dss almost 80% of my ssd to be in a hotel I feel so uncomfortable as well as my girls not the cleanest I cleaned top to bottom and stay up on it but now with treatment it’s kicking my but we lost everything in the fire I was brought up not to ask for help or show emotions I only have a younger sister left for family but I had to distance my family the last few months she is not taking my mother’s passing very good. Thanks in advance for any assistance I do understand every one’s family’s are struggling do to this virus. God bless


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