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Hi Everyone!

Our friend Nella (Shima) Muhima needs our help.  She has been diagnosed with a very painful condition called endometriosis.  It is when cells that are supposed to be inside the uterus grow outside.  This has been causing Nella excruciating pain, along with swelling, and other symptoms as well.  It has been interfering with her life for about a year now, and only now has it been finally properly diagnosed.

Surgery and medication are the normal treatment, but these are not cures.  They also pose risks.  The good news is Nella is embracing a natural healing technique that should minimize or eliminate side effects, and hopefully result in a complete heal of this condition and heal/repair of other things.  Healthy eating, juicing, and more.  Check out the Gerson Method!!!

Your tax-deductible donation will help Nella on this journey, which she will document and it will be posted here as well as an alternate Instagram page.  Nella hopes to set an example and show other people how to heal and overcome a variety of health challenges with this method.  All funds will go directly to food and supplies for this natural healing and thriving journey.

Thank you!!!


Nella Fashion Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/nellashima/


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