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Hi, my name is liz and we went through hurricane Irma, and by the grace of God we were spared.  However, we lost power for 9 days and all of our food.  I know that doesn’t sound, so bad  but it took me about two months to save up enough to get us through the hurricane, and have some in reserve.  You see I have a bad heart, and my husband has had 2 strokes, I work full time but don’t quite make enough to go and buy groceries, without a full two weeks of pay. Sometimes I have to supplement food from the church.  We have to choose some weeks between food for the week or prescriptions.  I have missed a lot of work and we are struggling greatly, from the hurricane just to get back on our feet. The government says I make too much money to get any food assistance, for my husband and I.  Please, anything would be greatly appreciated.


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