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Hi And Thank You for taking the time to read this,

Im creating this campaign in hopes of getting my wife the desperately needed dental work she deserves. The painful journey to getting here today has been one i wouldnt wish on anyone. My wife  is 32 and 3 years ag0 was the epitomy of perfect health.She always took care of herself and even more so her teeth.But one day in May 2018 she was diagnosed with stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. She began chemo therapy and thats when the condition of her teeth began to dramatically change. It started with the back molar , she was eating pretzels and suddenly she burst out screaming in pain.She had fractured the whole top of the molar completely through horizontally. She had to leave it like that for about 6 months due to not having dental coverage. We eventually got into the dentist and this is where she goes from bad to WORSE.

Since she had waited so long to fix it she had began to get an infection that untreated turned into a dental abcess. She had the tooth removed and thought that was the end,Nope .The infection managed to spread without her dentist realizing it.It is now to the point where she has 6 Cracked, Broken in Half snd 7 abceses in her mouth.She went to the emergency room 3 times where at one point she became septic. The hospitals admitted her but they were unable to do any dental work. She was given I.V antiobiotics and it helped until she was sent home and the oral medication taht didt help. She now has a quarter size hole in her jaw from untreated infection, 2 back molars on the bottom are completely shatteredopen with nerve exposed. She has Pus constanly oozing from the holes in her teeth and she is in so much pain all she can do is rock and moan in agony.One of her back teeth is so badly infected its caused the tooth to break in pieces and become so loose shes unable to eat anything solid. We were told by a dentist that if we continue to leave this infection that all of her teeth will become infected loose and then fall out.

She told me that if she lost her teeth she doesnt know if she could hsndle that. She already has lost her hair during chemo and thats not growing back yet but she said she cant be bald and  lose her teeth without really  really giving up. Im begging anyone who is able to help even just a $1 we would be forever grateful.I havent seen my wife smile in over a year. She has lost all confidence and rarely leaves the house. She wont even allow me to kiss her because shes that embarassed .I want my wife to get her life back and live life without pain and without hididng herself. Please if you


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