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I sincerely ask for your help in my battle to Kick Cancer. Hi, my name is Chris Valenzuela and I have colorectal cancer. I am asking for your assistance to raise the necessary money for my cancer surgery, treatment, recovery, and income loss during this time. I, like most who are diagnosed with cancer, was completely shocked by the news. After reflecting on my life and the encouragement from family and friends, I have faith and hope that the outcome will be positive. I believe I can successfully face this challenge and move forward with my life as a cancer survivor. I have, up to this point, thoroughly enjoyed my profession as an artisan stone mason. Working with all kinds of stone, masonry, concrete and general home renovation is my passion. I enjoy building inspiring spaces both in and outdoors that create energize social settings, focal points, as well as create relaxing and reenergizing moments in people’s busy lives. I’m currently semi-retired, am a small masonry business owner, am self-paid and cover my own medical expenses. I believe in clean living and grow and consume organic and humanely farm raised foods for myself and gladly share the bounty with neighbors and others in my community. I supplement my diet with wholistic and natural vitamins and minerals which have allowed me to navigate the biological changes associated with ageing and an active lifestyle. I enjoy light running, hiking, kayaking, bike rides, and I’m a lifelong avid photographer. My stonework is always physically challenging, and it only makes the finished product more gratifying for me. I know that treating and recovering from cancer is a journey. So far, I have completed and paid for the referrals and diagnostic procedures (Colonoscopy, CAT scan, MRI) to identify the source of my colon cancer, the biopsy needed to confirm the malignancy and the pre-operation visit with the surgeon at UVA, Traci L. Hedrick, MD. I recently completed the MRI of the cancer, and the results are in Pathology to prepare a surgery plan. I know that the average cost for colorectal cancer surgery and recovery according to the CDC is $40,000 to $80,000 depending on the stage. https://www.cdc.gov/chronicdisease/programs-impact/pop/colorectal-cancer.htm In the office visit, the surgeon said she is hopeful that she can remove the tumor orthoscopicly. That is my surgeons plan to date, and this may change as the Pathologist reviews the MRI. My surgeon said my recovery may be brief or it may require a more extended time period to include a one to three day stay in the hospital. Radiation has not been suggested. I assume (hopeful) the CT scan did not illuminate spreading beyond the interior colon wall. I also assume (hopeful) the depth of tumor penetration into the colon wall is not deep and the subsequent removal procedure will positively affect recovery time. I am keeping a positive attitude about this. When I was told I had cancer, I was rocked, it caused such a mental distraction that I was unable to focus on anything else. Work and household chores took a slide. I take it day by day now. Thank you! I can’t tell you how much this means to me. Your contribution will help relieve the financial strain from this. May God Bless each one of you. Update: Saturday, October 8, 2022 Yesterday I received my first infusion of Oxaliplatin and 4000mg of Xeloda in two doses per day.  I am up this morning due to intense pain on the back side of my ribcage.  It comes and goes.  I just checked and I am supposed to call this into Oncology. The cold sensitivity is noticeable, and I will wear gloves indoors and out.  I will drink hot liquids and keep the wood stove going. The nausea and headaches are just part of this and expected.  I am going to work this coming week to see how I can tolerate and adapt to the adverse circumstances.  Thanks so much for the prayers and support. God Bless, Chris


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