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Home is where the heart is… At least that is what they say.  Do they know where we will lay our heads today?

I am a single working mother to 3 beautiful children. I need to raise money to buy a home for my little family.  It is hard enough to ask for help…

Here is my story, though, Id rather not share:

I am struggling to provide a home for my children. I have always tried to do the best I can… It just isnt good enough.

My children and I are going to lose our home. Due to a housing program will be ending in a couple months. It was for victims of hurricane Sandy. I have no choice but to sell all of our belongings or throw them away because I cannot afford motel and storage fees.

I have 15000 for down payment on house, but cannot find one that is under 200,000 and can get approved for a loan, but only if I have 20% down. My credit is good…  But could always be better.

I have a decent job for a single person, but I am struggling to provide for 3 more growing mouths. I dont have extras… except pizza friday once a month. I need help. I am out of options and very low on time.  My two youngest are special needs and my oldest is finishing highschool this year.

Please look into the eyes of your children and imagine hearing their crying little voice say… “but mommy, I love my room, my school, my friends.” “I dont want to move.”                     “Where are we going?”

Imagine saying “I dont know” and feeling the tears fill your eyes as you feel like an utter failure, as you try to say “Im sorry”….  No amount of sorry will ever fix all they have lost.  All I can do is keep going…  Keep trying.

I have done this with my kids before… left with nothing, but cant anymore. They deserve a forever home, a place to always go… No matter what happens. Please help me give them that. They didnt ask to be here.

I pray that you find it in your heart to help us find our way home…

To where our hearts always have been…

Together and safe.


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