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We will save the money so we can pay rent if we don’t pay rent we might get evicted by the end of the month please help me I’m begging you help me I hope this works this is our last hope I have 2 kids they still go to school that’s good but our house will be gone and I don’t have any family members my mom is so as my father I am the only child I don’t know where my cousins are so please help sometimes me and my kids don’t eat I work 3 jobs there father is dead and I don’t have enough money help I haven’t had a meal since yesterday my kids probably won’t be eating tomorrow I have no where to go so if somebody could please help me and get us the money we need please I’m begging you there father had a good job but we got robbed and he died sadly my kids are doing well ones name jimmy the other is Stella their twins and their both 9 years old there to young to be outside freezing its winter right now I’m so sad I think this is all my fault I need the money to help us please help a sister in need I’m basically broke I only have 50 dollars left and that’s for my kids I don’t know if it will last till tomorrow I hope it will and please donate and help me


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