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I’ve come to a point now that i’m reaching out for help in any way possible for my dad and my family.  My father owns an automotive repair shop and is going through a very tough time with his business, struggling to pay bills and struggling to keep the doors open for customers.  Its hard enough running a business as it is.  He runs his business to provide for his family, doing everything by himself and working extra hours and putting in all his time and effort to try to succeed.  He has too much pride to quit, give up, or let it go, so he does everything in his power to make things work and to keep the business up and running.  After the news of how much he now owes, he hasn’t been the same, spending all his time at the shop to make ends meet, loosing hours of sleep from being so stressed, the terrible moods that he is in most of the time, doing anything he can to pay his bills and try to catch up. He started his automotive repair shop business 10 years ago.  After working as an auto mechanic for other businesses for 25+ years and seeing how they treat people unfairly, he had the dream of opening up his own shop to be as honest and true to his customers as possible.  He truly wanted to make a difference in this field by doing his very best to fix and resolve issues the first time and by treating his customers, especially women, with honesty and respect, and not taking advantage of people that don’t know better when it comes to a vehicle repair.  That’s my dad, always helping everyone with anything at all that he can possibly help with, and putting himself last, but when my father is struggling it seems as if he has no one there to help and no one to turn to. The reason he is struggling now is due to a bad accountant that my dad had trusted with his business expenses.  To his surprise, he just found out that he owes over $20,000 dollars with all kinds of penalties.  I wish I had the money to help him out but unfortunately I do not.  He has been loosing much sleep, he is at a point where he does not know what to do anymore and has been extremely stressed out and in a depressed mood nearly everyday.  I am hoping that there are some generous kind hearted people here that could help me out with any kind of donation.  He does not know i am doing this so i hope to surprise him with some kind of money to help him out through this tough time, so anything is much appreciated.  i cant see him like this for much longer as it is affecting our family and puts a burden on all of us worrying about him.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you in advance for your generous donations.

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