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I am a 56-year-old woman who works in a nursing home as a CNA.  I have been diagnosed with Kidney Cancer and Cirrhosis of the liver following getting Hep C at work.  I am a mom of five grown children and seven grandchildren, and I would love to spend more time with the grandkids.  I have to move closer to where my treatments will be and i have a job lined up once i can move there.  The expenses are more than I can handle since I am paycheck to paycheck right now after purchasing a reliable vehicle.  I have helped so many in my line of work and know what to expect from the treatments, the good and the bad.  I have gone through so much with my treatments for Hep C and was cured. The treatments were for three months, which also ate up my savings.  I know one day that there will be a cure for all types of cancer, and I hope I can make a difference by getting my treatments.  I plan on still staying working in nursing to get my degree as an LPN once all my treatments are over to help those who can’t go to treatments with transportation, prepare meals, and even be a mentor just a phone call away. When I do have some spare money, I plan on passing it forward as I do every day. I can dehydrate food out of my garden currently and donate to local food banks in the area.  It warms my heart to see those in need smile when they see fresh food and fruit from me.  Sometimes that is all it takes to warm a persons heart and i so do wsh to be able to get closer to get my treatments and continue what i enjoy.


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