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Sweet Skyah, a vibrant high school senior just lost everything she has in an apartment fire on the morning of September 11.  Just yesterday she was a happy kid, writing her college submission essays, making homecoming plans and hanging out with her best friend Darla(my daughter) Today, she is faced with the devastating fact that everything she owns is gone. Her clothes, computer, books, bedding, everything. We are so grateful that she and her mom are ok and they did have renter’s insurance which will help in the long-run. But the reality of waking up tomorrow, and the next day and moving through the usual day-to-day commitments like school and work with literally nothing but the clothes on their backs is going to be a challenge to say the least and it breaks my heart. This is why I am creating this. There are many people asking how they can help. I was hoping through this fundraising platform that we we could all come together and at least provide the essentials, perhaps a small shopping spree for school clothes, replacement of her laptop so she can finish her essays, even just a special item or two that could remind her of being home. Without a doubt, they will be displaced for a while. I know it’s going to be a long road for them, and I know they are strong and will get through this. But I also want to see Skyah’s sweet smile again and help her keep some faith in the world. Thank you!


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