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Phyllis has a goal of becoming an engineer since first grade and she will be going into fourth grade next year! She is a humorous child that seeks out others to assist and spread joy. She loves animals and volunteers to give extra love to animals at a local animal shelter every Monday after school. She plays the violin and has a great love of music as well as friendship. Phyllis enjoys participating in her girl scout troop and playing soccer when her health allows it. She enjoys participating in children’s choir and assisting with putting out candles at church as well as assisting on the technology team running the technology during service. Phyllis enjoys reading especially manga and books about wolves. She has started to write her own stories with her vivid imagination and wonderful vocabulary. She is a child who loves to smile but has had breathing issues, respiratory and sinus infections requiring hospitalizations, and muscle issues since she was brought home from the hospital as a newborn and has struggled with chronic infections and irregular blood tests that we spent 9 months going to specialists and ruling out Von Willebrand disease. She is requiring treatment for tibial aversion, vision issues, MTHFR genetic mutation, ADHD symptoms, Myofunctional therapy, ankyloglossia surgery, surgery for her hypodontia, an Alf Orthodontic system, and braces that will cost over @15,000 in the next couple years. Unfortunately, most of the services she needs are not covered by either insurance that she is covered under. Donations can be made tax free to her health savings account and can only be used for medical procedures and bills from that account. The money would help her doctors and specialist treat Phyllis and engineer a smile that will lighting up the entire world even more for years to come and give her a much better quality of life. Thank you for your time and consideration!

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