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Hello, Brad is my name, I go to Oregon State UniversityGo Beavers! I wanted to be a Endocrinologistjessica-and-brads-aviary-photo_131264164189658876 I have loved learning and  I’m a straight A student.  I have one more year of Pre-Med then on to Medical school. Unfortunately  I have exhausted all my student loan funds and grants and need to find another way to fund my education.  My wife and I own a old Honda that’s always breaking down.  She is a hard worker and her paycheck takes care of the rent on our very small Apt., very little left over for food and gas.  I really want to help people especially those who are diabetic.  Needless suffering and pain are part of this life threatening condition.  I want to help people to ease their suffering and make a difference.  School, books, tuition, lab fees, and all the extra are very hard to cover. Please help me reach my dream.


P.S.  In my spare time I teach Sunday School to 10-11 year old’s.  I has been a challenging year.

God Bless

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