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My Fiancée Diana needs Critical Spinal Fluid Replacement Surgery and Funding Help. This is her second surgery and the most important one. The Spinal Institute wants the money upfront, or they won’t operate, and she may not survive if left as she is. Her fluid is so low that she WILL BE PARALYZED from the waist down if she doesn’t get this critical operation she doesn’t want to live any longer, and neither will I.

Please, for God’s sake… HELP.

This is urgent and is needed Immediately.

Besides on this site, you can also donate on Facebook, or on PayPal, either place is a great place to give from your heart to help someone with an extremely urgent medical need like Diana.

Up Front: This is Real – Not Fake. God is my witness. We all have needs and someone we love in our lives, and at times we can’t help but to ask for help. This is one of those times, and if you think it is wrong, God bless you anyway. I – like you, have the right to Freedom of Speech under the Constitution of the United States of America. I am exercising this right in posting on this forum to seek your help for the one I love, NOT MYSELF. I know there are certain rules and other rights all sites have online, but in a case such as this, those rules can ALL be overlooked and waived by both the site and all of you, that is if you have a heart and care about another human being with an urgent need. You would also do the same thing if you felt it absolutely necessary, wouldn’t you? Yes? Thought so!!!

My fiancée Diana needs urgent Spinal Surgery. Every dollar will be valued and appreciated and go towards her operations.

Please Donate to help Diana with her Spinal Fluid Surgery’s financial needs. Every penny will go towards her medical bill and recovery.

Thank you for your selfless generosity, God bless, Ed


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