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My name is Cheryl.  I’m a 68yr old handicap female with severe health issues to include  a recent stroke a few months ago.  I have a condo that is completely paid for.  My problem is that I am behind with my Association fees that are a little short of $500 monthly.  My condo was put up for auction/sale this past Thursday, June 6th, 2024 for $30,000 delinquent fees, but a little over $7,400 was attorney fees added to the regular condo fees.  I depend totally on SSA payments monthly which I just started getting last year after years of waiting for disability.  I was working a p/t job for extra cash before my stroke.  I bought a beat up 2007 Kia Rondo for transportation to and from work 12 miles away.  I am struggling to keep up the notes with insurance without the p/t job now.  I am willing to sell the condo after the fees are up to date and move into a senior living facility, but it would a terrible loss taking $30,000 from the listed worth o the condo at $130,000.  I’m seeking any assistance that I can get to at least pay something on the back fees to show good faith until I can figure something out.

Anything will help and hopefully at lease show my efforts to this serious situation.  Any form of payment is accepted and even direct payments to the Attorney that is handling this case.  The fees go up by $500-$100 each time they send a delinquent notice.

Thank you,

Cheryl Moorman


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