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We live in the small-town Escanaba. It’s not untouched by the cost of rising $ housing cost. We have lived in the same place for 17 years. Our apartment building was purchased by an investment company. The plan is to turn our building into loft high end apartments. Raise our rent from $525 a month to $1,200 a month. We live on a fixed income. We have two small dogs. That we can’t part with. We have managed to scrape by month to month, never having anything left to put into a savings account. Every time we put $100 in savings, something either happens to our car or medications need to get filled or the cost of groceries continue to rise. between the two of us we have 12 grandchildren. we can’t afford to buy a Christmas present for. We try to do birthdays when we can. My Husband has a heart condition CHF. his heart function is only running at 25%. But it’s been holding for a few years now. We have a car. which we can’t live without because, his doctors are 2.5 hours away in Green Bay. Our payments are $297. a month. The reason I am asking for help is.  the only way we can afford a place to live is to purchase a house. We have reached out to all our family and friends to help us out, with down payment and closing cost. We did find a one-bedroom house for 82,500. which is the only one we could find that didn’t need $100,000 in repairs. Our payments on the house will be over $750. Which with heat and utilities will strap us down further.  If we can come up with more than $5000. down it will lower our payments.  This is a very scary time for me. because I know the only way to keep my husband going is to keep his stress level down, keep him taking his meds regularly, and health eating. We have no way  to cut our expenses. We have never taken a vacation, except to visit a relative but only for a few hours, when we have extra money for gas. We don’t eat out, drink, or anything. this is why we have to keep our dogs. we like to take them for walks. We Only shop for clothing at Thrift stores. Whenever I get a chance to earn money for pet sitting. or cleaning a house when it comes up. I jump on it. I’ve been working for our local Ymca to keep us afloat.  I’m at the end of how to make it at this point. I feel like I really need a helping hand.


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