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On July 26, 2017 my mom was found after 4 days unresponsive in her apartment due to an epileptic seizure cause by a recurrence of a tumor in her brain, which is terminal in her case. At her current state the tumor has affected her speach, mobility & memory.
During those 4 days my mom developed an ulcer the size of a handball due to the bacteria she was exposed to. She underwent surgery for the ulcer & is now being treated for the remainder of the ulcer that could not be removed.My mom is also a diabetic & with these complications it will take longer for the ulcer to heal.
My mom was receiving help from social services which will only be temporary because my aunt went & provided them with proper documentation of her illness, not able to speak clearly nor able to walk & was denied, she was given 30 days to show up or her benefits will be terminated.
Since she is unable to report to social services within those 30 days to do her recertification she will no longer have any benefits or coverage for the proper care she needs. She is currently in Puerto Rico @ Damas Hospital.
I am raising money in order to be able to pay for her speech therapy,physical therapy,nursing home & for other neccessities that will not be covered. I am not asking for much but a little help will do,even if it’s $1 it counts. I am trying to raise up to $10,000 so that all expenses can be paid for the time being. Me, my brother & family are preparing ourselves as well because it is not a guarantee that she will be around long but with our higher power anything is possible for My Little Lady, My Queen & My Best Friend….. For the meantime me,my brother,my partner,my son & other members of the family will continue to contritbute for some of her treatment,again anything you can donate will be very helpful.
Thank You for your time & hope that this will give you a better understanding of to why I am asking for help.

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