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Tiny House 4 A Veteran

Every day somewhere in the world, a brave United States soldier is wounded in combat. They are left with less than they had before they went into the danger zone. As a result they might be missing a limb or an eye … maybe an internal injury or maybe, in addition to a physical injury, they return with PTSD as icing on the cake. Many of these brave men and women come home to an unwelcoming community and virtually no support. They try to put their lives back together and some are fortunate enough to do so. However, some are unable to and they end up under a bridge or camped out in the woods. These are our neighbors, brothers, sisters or sons and daughters and for the most part they have nothing and no where to turn. Yes, there are some fine groups who are trying to bridge that gap in the system and Tiny Houses 4 U, LLC is one of those companies. But the truth is, none of the agencies or companies can make a difference alone. That’s where you come in. With a $5, $10, $100, $1,000 or more tax free donation, you can make a difference in a wounded veterans life. We need your help to make building a Tiny House for a Wounded Veteran a reality. We have had several companies and some individuals step forward to donate but it’s not enough. We need to raise an additional $39,000 to complete the project and get our Veteran in a home of their own. Please visit our web site for further information, and make your tax free donation today and help a Vet.    Thank you in advance, for your thoughtful gift.

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