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Stopping an Eviction Before a Court Hearing

My name is Monica and I am the single mother of two children, my daughter aged 17 and my wonderful son aged 8 who has ADHD.  We moved from Illinois to Arizona so that my daughter could go into the Air National Guard and then attend U of A.  She graduated a year early which is where my problems began.  I thought I would have her entire senior year to get ready for the move that we planned to make but when she graduated early it put everything on fast forward – hence financially I was not ready.  I had to rob Peter to pay Paul so to speak and make the move happen and I did but not without repercussions.  I ended up owing the trucking company and they took my rent and then some leaving me in the whole and unable to pay my rent.

My rental company will not allow me to make a partial payment and I was just served today for a court day of 11/28/16 at 3pm.  If I can raise the money before that court date I would not have to pay all of the court fees.  While I realize that there are many people in my position, I would ask that you take into consideration that I have absolutely nowhere to go nor do I have any family.  I am currently trying to complete my doctorate, and although I am not rich I do try to volunteer and cook for the shelters regularly.  If 3000 people gave one dollar I would be there, no amount is to small, and I can offer remote services such as administrative work, writing training documents, or whatever is needed.  I am humbly asking for help.  I hope you can find it in your heart to help out and ask a friend to help, I am a severe diabetic and the stress of this is breaking me down, if I had better credit you probably would not be seeing this but I do not and these are the facts.  I am not asking for more than I need and I am not trying to use tool to deceive, I am begging for help.




Monica Flournoy

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