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First off, finding this site feels like a miracle and I am grateful for this.  I am a special education teacher in Alameda County of California.  I have worked with students who have Autism, Emotional Disturbance, Learning Disabilities and Speech and Language Disabilities and Traumatic Brain Injury for the past 20 years.  I accepted a job this past summer and sadly was unaware that they do NOT help contribute to the cost of medical insurance.  The HR department left hat out of the application process until I was actually signing.  I honestly did not think of even asking since EVERY single district I have worked for has paid all of the benefits costs for their employees.

So, I paid the premium through the district my first month.  It was over 900 dollars.  I then contacted Covered California and the price is around 700 dollars.  I am a single parent and one of my children has a medical disability. He has coverage from his father. 

Now I am having to pay this premium each month.  I live in the Bay Area and my rent is 3300 dollars (it is nothing fancy believe me).  I have an older car (still have a car payment of 250 dollars) Add in student loans, food, paying off my debts.   I have used my credit card to pay the premiums and they are ALL maxed out).  I received a letter from Kaiser to pay or they will cancel me.  I have the most basic plan and my medications are around 130 a month.  I also have copays for visits and procedures.  This 700 dollars does not fit in my budget.  I simply do not have the money.  This is the best that Covered California can do for me. 

Edited on 4/10/2022-   My coverage has been canceled.  I owe 12oo dollars in order to be reinstated.  I had a horrible week and had a panic attack at work.  I feel like I am so close to breaking down emotionally.  There is just simply no help available for me.  If I quit my job I could get coverage for 80 dollars a month.  But since I am working I have to go by my income.  (so unfair).  Not to mention if I go without coverage I will have to pay a fine to the IRS.  

I have a mammogram appointment on April 30.  I did feel something near my breast that was not there before. I was going to also see my primary care doctor for a physical next week. 

So now the situation has become emergent.  I need to see my doctor and have my mammogram on April 30. 

   My job is so demanding and I am often working on grades and IEPs on evenings or weekends.  There is no time for a second job.   Also, taking a second job would affect my primary job.  I have done this before (tutoring after school and on weekends)  I was not able to do my grading and IEPS because all I did was work and sleep.  I am really close to quitting teaching.  BUT I need to do this job.  It is hard to explain but my job gives me purpose.  I am seeking help to pay my premiums for the next several months.  I am leaving this district to work for another district that pays the premiums.   I am so sad to have to leave them.  Our union is in negotiations with the district but it has been dragging on.  It is not going to be resolved anytime soon.

By the grace of God I found this site and I am praying that I can find some help.  I am out of options.  I have no family I can borrow from.  

Warm  Regards Shelly Ruth

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