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Dear family and friends,

Chris and I are in an unfortunate situation, where we don’t quite have the finances to purchase this portable pool lift! We are INCREDIBLY EMBARASSED, but need to ask your help to help us raise the funds!  Again,  if you are able to give, $10,-$100, it all adds up, and we would be incredibly thankful! We have spent the last four summers here in Myrtle Beach without the ability for Chris to get into the swimming pool here in our neighborhood. Since our neighborhood is a private neighborhood they are not bound by the 2010 ADA requirements as of yet.  Chris, is unable to regulate body temperature so when he takes the kids to the pool he gets overheated regularly even though the kids and neighbors take turns spraying them down with cold water!

I don’t want my husband to miss out on another summer of swimming with his kids! Also, his doctor has prescribed aquatic therapy for, which many of you know, he suffers from severe neuropathy pain and other pain throughout his body. The only place that he doesn’t feel pain is in a pool where there is zero gravity! The pool is also how Chris initially regained his mobility of his right arm! If you are unable to give will you please join us in prayer that were able to raise this money so that we can wheel this lift to the pool across the street by the time summer starts! We love you!

Chris is on the Board of Directors for this crowdfunding site called givetaxfree.org,  and we believe in it as any thing that you donate is a tax deduction and the moment you donate you will receive a tax deduction letter from our Executive Director John Berardino! As you know time flies, and the twins will be 10 years old and less than a month!

God Bless,

Suzie Skinner

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