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Update 06/04/2023

It’s been awhile I know. It’s been a challenging few months and I wanted to give you an update and express my gratitude for your love, support and financial contributions.

The good news is I completed chemo treatments two weeks ago but need to continue intravenous medications every 3 weeks for the next 6 months. My most recent petscan shows very positive results but I have not seen it yet and will review with my doctor soon. I will be meeting with my surgeon in a couple weeks to determine IF and when I have a mastectomy. The bad news is the chemo treatment caused very bad side effects, most specifically, debilitating neuropathy in my feet for the last 3 months. It is VERY uncomfortable and painful. It has basically taken away my ability to walk and stand and affects every single task in my life from cooking meals, to making the bed, etc…it affects everything I do and it HURTS! The doctors tell me it won’t go away so I am not sure what the end result will be but it’s not looking good right now. I am taking many suggested and prescribed supplements that MIGHT help but no one can give me positive expectations. So while I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel, this journey is far from over yet. It is in God’s hands

Unfortunately this site does not have a feature to send individual and private notes to each of you. So please accept this post as my sincere THANK YOU to each and every one of you. This journey has taken everything I have, both emotionally and financially. So your contributions have helped sustain me through this. I am humbled and forever grateful and Thankful.

I look forward to seeing all of you at my celebration of life party when I kick cancer’s ass out the door! Until then, THANK YOU!

Sincerely, Toni


Update ROUND 6 of 18 as of 3/13/2023

Toni Ringlein is at Desert Hematology-Oncology Medical Group

Round 6 of 18
Every Monday
This isn’t fun
Benadryl knocks me out. Neuropathy is challenging.
Most all my hair is gone.

This is THE UPDATE !

2 Rounds down !
Thank you to all of the friends, family and supporters that have donated. 
Just know it makes all the difference towards the medical expenses. 
Toni is holding her own – Continued prayers and donations appreciated

Chemo begins today 1/31/23…

Toni has been fighting this on her own for over a yearand a half now and as natural as possible. Anyone who knows Toni (my mom) knows she’s a force – but she is not strong enough to keep fighting this on her own.   She is currently at stage 3  and its time to get aggressive. This is the time I ask for your support. She has a long road of doctors, hospitals, treatments and surgeries ahead of her. She will need her community and loved ones now more than ever. No matter what, this is the time.

I will keep you updated weekly as is the journey unravels. I’m asking for any type of help possible as my family prepares to stand and fight this horrible disease with my mom. We will need financial help to make this possible to keep the natural remedies available, food, housing, and of course medical expenses and everything related to the forced sacrifice my mother has been under.

I humbly ask In gods name. Amen.  ~~~~~~Love and Blessings ~ Angel


My mother has been by my side my whole 40 years and I need her to stay there.

She is battling an aggressive form of breast cancer, along with the other usual battles we are now all faced with in this world. 

She is a grandma and huge supporter of our community and freedoms.

We need to help her stay strong and true to keep fighting the injustices of the world and be there to help my 4 daughters succeed and grow. 

My mom is strong, stronger than most, but it is in this time of need, that I am reaching out to everyone and anyone who can give a little, it will mean a lot!

It will mean, a house over her head while she recovers, food in her belly while we nurse her back to health and keep the lights on so we can nurture her back to a healing place. 

Praying and Grateful for anything you can provide – Including prayers.


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