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Hi beautiful souls, my name is Raffia Bufano and I am 58 years young. I am a daughter, sister, friend, and fur baby mama to a 2.5 year old Border-Aussie named Lucca who I love wholeheartedly. He is the center of my world and the sweetest boy!

I was recently diagnosed with cancer of the spine and pelvis which took 5 months to get the proper tests run here in Reno where I live.

I am raising funds to go to a hospital in Mexico called CMN for treatments. I researched this hospital thoroughly and have a friend who went there and recovered. She has a twin sister who also went there and is now completely healed. The doctors here in Reno have nothing to offer me that is curative. It is Stage 4 and I am in extreme pain 24 hours a day. I am currently taking daily opioids just to help with the horrific pain I am dealing with. I have no family support or income whatsoever.

The extensive treatments at CMN include 24 hour pain support with hospital stay for a 3-4 week protocol. The treatments include detoxification, IV therapies, hormone testing and balancing, emotional support, hyperbaric oxygen, ozone therapy, low dose drug therapies, and much more.

I am praying that I can raise the funds to get to Mexico as soon as possible and know that I can get the help there that I desperately need.

Anything you can contribute would be greatly appreciated,I have no savings and no means of income,I thank you so very much for your help.


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