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Hey guys! My name is Mattie and I am going into missions. This fall I am attending ministry school which I am currently fundraising for. I need around $3,000 for tuition left of the $6,000 already raised. I feel particularly called to the 10/40 window. What is that you ask? It’s the hardest and darker most Unreached part of the world. 88% of the worlds Unreached people live in this portion of the world. And it’s my biggest desire to see those people come to Jesus! I have sold my house, am leaving my cushy job, and will be selling my car. The Lord has taught me in the last year and a half that what he desires most is our heart and in my life that also means my yes. The yes to throw away my plans for my life and take up His. The yes to give up a job I love. The yes to give away everything and travel with my suitcase and backpack for the rest of my life. I really met the Lord in 2016 and I have never been the same. Jesus touched my heart in such a way I knew there was no turning back. As someone who has dealt with so much loss I can honestly say that the only thing that got me through abuse and divorce was knowing there was a God who would make it all make sense one day. In December 2020 that same God started speaking to me about the nations. He broke fear off of my life radically. I am no longer the fearful girl who thought my voice didn’t matter. And I am alive and here to tell you the same goes for you. Our testimony is all we need friend.   I hope and pray that my passion for the nations is felt on this page and in my words. I pray you would be praying for me and the provision to be made for me to reach the nations. I pray you would consider giving to help me reach God’s children so that they may know their Heavenly Father. He is worth it all friend.


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