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I received a dental bill of six hundred and fifty dollars from 2020, they never told me I owed anything, and received my bill for dental work from 2022 for three hundred thirty six dollars. I appreciate your help! I am solely responsible to pay all of the bills myself and for my pets. I have paid all other amounts from the dentist, and he was able to write off some for me since I have limited income. I am finally done with all procedures and hope to not receive another unexpected bill from them. I really appreciate your help.I hope to have this paid off as soon as possible, I do not want them to send this to collections and damage my credit. Please let me know if you have any questions and would be happy to show you proof of payment to the dentist. Any amount that you are able to graciously donate would help me pay off this medical debt , I received the bill Saturday and it has greatly stressed me out, as I have been having a difficult time in my life currently. Sending so much thank yous for your help. I have asked the dentist if he could write off more money but he will not deduct anymore money off of my bill. He has been my dentist since 2016 and slowly over the years I have been able to get badly needed dental work done not only for my health but to make me be able to eat and talk to others and not be ashamed or in pain from the state of my teeth.


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