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Hello, My name is  Brea Warren, my Husband Jeremy & I are parents to 4 beautiful girls. Our last baby girl, Sahara, was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect when I was 27 weeks pregnant. Although this was a difficult diagnosis, I am incredibly thankful for our early diagnosis. This helped us & our team of doctors be prepared when she arrived.

Her diagnosis is Pulmonary Atresia & she is one strong girl. She had 2 Cath Lab Procedures & 1 open heart surgery at 4 days old. She was home and thriving, beating all the odds for 4 long months!!

We spent 8 long weeks in the icu/imu, and on October 20th we finally came home!

Originally she was scheduled to have her 3rd Cath lab on December 7th, and that will determine when she can be scheduled for her 2nd open heart surgery, which is called the Glenn.

Unfortunately, she has been admitted, fighting an infection with very low oxygen saturations.

Sahara is on a very high setting of oxygen & still having difficulty keeping her oxygen levels steady.

Our surgeon has planned to move her Glenn surgery to April  25th due to the Sahara’s heart being ready and not able to maintain her oxygen levels even on high flow. She has been on serious watch at the hospital and we are praying for a miracle to happen when she receives this surgery.

We ask for everyone to please keep Baby Sahara in your prayers. As this next surgery will be difficult on her, recovery is always the hardest.

I am reaching out to everyone in hopes of supporting in this time of need. All donations are appreciated. Thank you for your generosity and this opportunity to share a little of our story.


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