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My daughter, Amanda, has been fighting cancer for some time now.   Amanda is a 33-year-old U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division veteran who was recently diagnosed with Proximal Type Epithelioid Sarcoma (a rare type of soft tissue cancer) last fall. She has been fighting hard to put this cancer in the rear view mirror or at least fight it back to prolong life to enjoy with family and friends as long as possible.   Doctors have used regular ways of treating the cancer from removal of the original tumor down to the bone and very painful radiation.  Unfortunately this very aggressive cancer has now been found to have reached her lungs and all regular FDA approved methods have been exhausted.  She is now considered to be in stage 4 of this cancer.  Therefore we are now in the first week of EuroMedFoundation.com therapy in Arizona.  These treatments have shown many good signs of shrinking tumors through various treatments through the patients blood system.  One of the major treatments is called Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT).  She has been admitted as a good candidate for these treatments.  She has been through a lot.   A real Army Trooper.  I’m hoping you can help with your prayers and support in any amount you can afford.  I have found a donation method called givetaxfree.org in which you can also be helped during tax time.  As it says on it’s first page, “Donors from the USA get a tax deduction!”   We started treatments today.  The costs for treatments alone are $6,570/week.  The trial period to see that it is working (shrinking current tumors and not allowing new ones to grow) is 4 weeks.  Most of this treatment is not covered by her insurance.  We have paid for her first weeks treatments.  The rest of the costs for the initial 4 weeks are estimated to be $20,000 plus housing.  Please give whatever you feel moved to give and please pass this along to any family and friends you may know are looking for a worthy cause to donate and get a tax deduction!  Amanda and family thank you for all so very much….I can’t find words to describe our thanks other than how grateful and blessed we are to have your support. 


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