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Hello! I am trying to raise enough money for a down payment on a forever home for my sister and her family. My sister is 45 years old with 3 grown children and a 5 year old of her own. She and her husband work full time jobs to support their family and still cannot afford to own a home of their own. Even though my sister and her husband work fulltime they still¬†live paycheck to paycheck .They pay all their bills on time and don’t believe in credit cards. They are good people working very hard… In January of 2017 they decided to become licensed foster parents. Even though they only¬† rented a two bedroom townhouse they wanted to open their doors to children in need. They took in 4 children all siblings ages 1 month to 4 years old. All of them in diapers and they were brought to her house with literally nothing. No diapers, no formula and no clothes. These children had been abused physically and mentally their entire lives. They were underweight and afraid of everything. These children deserves a forever home…


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