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My fathers passing was shocking and unexpected! I lost my father July 22, but was not notified until today. He was found dead! No identification on him so the coroner could not identify. My father was not perfect but he was my father, he was a human being, he struggled with his demons and ultimately he succumbed to those demons. I don’t care how flawed my father was but I am determined to give him a proper burial and let him know because I know he is watching, I will show him that no matter how flawed or what demons he was struggling with he never left my heart, or mind. We have to come up with 2400 dollars for the funeral expenses, financially I was already struggling so I wasn’t prepared at all for this. If u find it in ur heart to help me and my family before Sunday August 6th, 2017 @2pm my family and I would greatly appreciate! Trust me when I say this, I will find a way to pay this back! I just need this help in this hard time!

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