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Family of Seven Faces Homelessnes in Cold Winter Months

Brenda, a special education assistant of 18 years, her husband and five children face homelessness this winter. Brenda and her husband make very little income to support their family of five children and themselves. They are both hard working and dedicated to work, school, and church. Recently the septic tank and leach field in their modest $500 per month home gave out. They don’t have the funds to repair this and may be forced into a homeless shelter if they cannot repair it.  Brenda has two special needs children of her own and a move during the cold winter months would be particularly devastating for the family. Brenda considered finding another job, however the work she does with severly Autistic children is meaningful to her and her impact on these children is positive and profound. In addition, Brenda and her family care for her special needs aunt who she recently helped become a volunteer in Brenda’s school.

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