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December 2017 Food & Water Needs – The CUAED Togo Orphanage, located in a small village 100 km from the capital city of Lome, currently cares for 51 orphans between the ages of 2 and 13. Its director, TENGUE Messan, was still a child himself when he recognized the suffering of children in the village who had recently become orphans through a cholera outbreak.  He asked God to use him to be a provider for these poor orphaned children.  He worked in the capital city for several years, sending his earnings home for the children’s food and clothing.  Eventually he left a paying job in Lome to become their caretaker full time, trusting God to provide all their needs. We are privileged to be the hands and feet of Jesus to these children by helping TENGUE provide for them.  At the present time, the monthly budget for food for the orphans is $160 for basic needs such as corn meal.  Additional amounts can provide more nutritious food such as vegetables, so we are setting our goal at $500/month. There is no source of clean fresh water in the village because no well exists there.  It is a long-term dream of TENGUE to see that a well is dug to provide fresh water for the orphans and all villagers.  For now, they need to use water purification supplies to obtain clean drinking water at a monthly cost of $135. TENGUE would like to say thank you, and may GOD bless you for your generosity to these children in Jesus’ name.  Please see our video of the children! ***NOTE:  CUAED Togo is a registered non-profit organization in the nation of Togo.

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