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Unfortunately my life was turned around at just 28 years old. i wish this wasnt the case, i wish none of us has to feel like our life has a price to it. the health care system does not make it easy for us to receive the treatment we all deserve So- here i am doing something that i am not truly comfortable with, but if i have learned something this 3-1/2 years from my battle with cancer… its that we must ask for help. I am a mom of two amazing boys- diagnosed initially with breast cancer at 28 yo. I am so so so blessed with family & friends to support me. However keeping myself alive has brought on many financial sacrifices for everyone. Cancer unfortunately has progressed to stage 4. but with this amazing treatment I have seen so so many positive results. In order to continue I am in need of help. Help me not be afraid that I will ever give up my battle due to financial reasons. I recently met another young lady at the age of 28 who is also battling stage four triple negative breast cancer. She too has a one year old baby at home & fears for the worst. In casual conversation we talk about financial troubles. I didn’t tell her, but I did want to help. Her name is Sarah. She is from Ohio- I would love to have a opportunity to surprise her with financial support as well. So is it part of what You donate will also be given to her!

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